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Winter driving can be extremely hazard- ous at times due to poor road conditions or reduced visibilities from heavy or blowing snow. During these times, travel is difficult and not recommended. Many people still venture outdoors not knowing what they will encounter. Many winter deaths and injuries can be attributed to people becoming stranded and venturing away from their vehicle. To avoid this, you should stay inside your

vehicle and wait for help. When traveling this winter season:

  • Listen to the forecast before departing and postpone travel if inclement weather is occurring or expected.

  • Avoid traveling alone. Inform others of your timetable and planned routes.

  • Keep your gas tank near full.

  • Adjust your speed to the condition and increase following distances.

  • Carry a Winter Survival Kit in your vehicle at all times!

Items that should be in your Survival Kit:

  • Shovel and flashlight with extra batteries

  • First aid kit and medications

  • Non-perishable food, such as granola bars and peanuts

  • Candles and matches

  • Extra clothing, sleeping bags, or blankets

  • Jumper cables and tire chains

  • Battery-operated radio

  • Cell phone with fully charged batteries

  • Windshield scraper and brush

  • Brightly colored cloth to tie on the antenna so the vehicle can be easily located

Winter Weather Preparedness Guide

SD Department of

Public Safety

Phone: 605.773.3231

Fax: 605.773.3580


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