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RST Transportation Program
Phone Numbers: 605-856-2944
Fax: 605-856-2943
Director Name: Lynda Douville

Address: PO Box 318 Rosebud, SD 57570

Description of services: Rehabilitation of Road and Bridges as dictated by the Tribal Priority Listing. To upkeep the Tribal Transportation Improvement Plan through transportation planning. Conduct inspections of all road/bridge construction projects and monitor the road inventory via the Tribal Transportation Program. We engage with our Federal Highway Administration, Department of Transportation/Bureau of Indian Affairs and the South Dakota Department of Transportation counterparts as required to promote a positive working relationship.  When feasible to coordinate and partner with other transportation entities to complete road/bridge construction or rehabilitation projects which garners a cost savings.

Environmental Protection Office 

Phone Numbers:605-747-2933
Director Name: Ivan Crow Eagle
Address: Po box 428 Rosebud
Description of Services: Underground storage tanks, pesticide program, general assistance(gap), brownfield program, indoor air quality, 

Safety of Dams

Phone Numbers: 605-747-2444
Director Name: Arnold Jordan (acting)
Address: PO Box 430, Rosebud, SD 57570
Description of Services: Maintain 10 high-hazard dams.

Solid Waste

Phone Numbers:605-747-2424
Fax: 747-5372
Director Name: Tammy Young-Barron
Address:PO Box 806, Rosebud, SD 57570

Description of Services: Provide trash pick up and container rental. 

Game, Fish, and Parks / Natural Resources

Phone Numbers: 605-856-2146
Toll-Free: 888-747-8686
Fax: 605-856-2800
Director Name:Frank Vanderwalker
Address:PO Box 300, Rosebud, SD 57570
Description of Services:

Roads Department

Phone Numbers:605-747-2251
Director Name: George Querue
Address:PO Box 949, Rosebud, SD 57570
Description of Services: Maintain RST tribal/BIA roads. 


Motor Fuel Tax 

Phone Numbers:(605)856-2589
Fax: (605):856-2238
Director Name: Shorty Jordan
Address:Box 430, Rosebud,SD
Description of Services: Priavte roads, driveaway with gravel and repair, snow removal in certian areas. 


Phone Numbers:605-747-2322
Fax:(605) 747-2378
Director Name: Maurial Fast Horse
Address:PO Box 810, 306 Buffalo Pass Lane, Rosebud, SD 57570
Description of Services: 

The Rosebud Sioux Tribe established the Tribal Employment & Contracting Rights Office in 1986, at which time the RST Tribal Council adopted the Tribal Employment & Contracting Rights Ordinance 86-03. The Program operates under the guidelines of this Ordinance. T.E.C.R.O was empowered to monitor and enforce the requirements of this Ordinance requiring that all employers who are engaged in operating a business on the reservations give preference to Tribal Members in all aspects of employment, training, contracting, and sub-contracting. Thereby addressing the deplorable rate of poverty, unemployment and underemployment that exists. By combating discrimination and other barriers that have limited employment and contracting opportunities for members of the Tribe and their businesses. To ensure that Tribal Members receive their rightful entitlements as intended and required under the Tribal and federal Indian preference employment law.

Tribal Utility Commission

Phone Numbers:(605)747-3194
Fax: 747-3168
Director Name: Tony Rogers
Address:2431 Legion ave, rosebud

Description of Services: The regulatory agency, assist people with electric bills, telephone, cell phone bills, propane, help with renewable energy, regulate the utilities, and offer tribal bill crediting.

Water Resources

Phone Numbers:(605)747-2559
Director Name: Syed Huq
Address: BIA 903 IHS Complex, PO Box 910, Rosebud, SD 57570
Description of Services: 

Water & Sewer 

Phone Numbers:(605)747-2378
Director Name: Young Colombe
Address:1990 Sicangu Drive, PO Box 100, Rosebud, SD 57570
Description of Services: Rural water service, 

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