To enroll in the Rosebud Sioux Tribe, the applicant must meet the requirements and have all the required documents attached to the enrollment application.

Effective February 22nd, 2017

Due to the system and compliance updates, we will now be issuing Tribal ID's from 9:00 am - 4:00 pm. Any RST member wishing to obtain an ID must have a 20.00 money order and their 911 physical address (which can be obtained from Cole Iyotte, GIS Tech, at the IT Department. Any name changes (marriage, divorce, court order) must be on file in our office.

Requirements are:

1. Applicants must provide (3) generations of lineal descent born after April 1st, 1935.

2. Applicants must have one or both parents enrolled with our tribe.

Documents required are:

1. Original certified birth certificate

2. Social Security Card

3. Abstract of Census (if a parent is enrolled with another tribe)

4. Custody Papers (if you are not the parent)

5. Paternity Affidavit (if the father is not on the birth certificate)

If applicants are adopted (also include):

1. Original certified birth certificate with adopted parents

2. Adoption Decree

If your application is incomplete, a notice will be sent out to you.

Once an application is complete, the enrollment process takes at least 6-9 months. The Enrollment Committee reviews the completed applications at their regular scheduled monthly meeting. After approved by the committee, they will be reviewed by Council. Once approved by Council, we will have 10 business days after we receive the resolutions to get the Certificate of Indian Blood and acceptance letters out in the mail.

Please be mindful that it is the responsibility of the applicant / sponsor to provide the necessary legal documents required. All documents submitted will become property of enrollment and copies will not be given out. No Exceptions.



Frances C. Horse Looking

TEL: 605-747-2381, ex. 213


Darlene M. Marshall

TEL: 605-747-2381, ex. 214


Leondra Blacksmith

TEL: 605-747-2381, ex. 230


Amanda Antoine

TEL: 605-747-2381, ex. 240


Emily Meshak

TEL: 605-747-2381, ex. 204


Lila Kills in Sight

TEL: 605-840-9072


Eileen Shot With Two Arrows

TEL: 605-828-1337


Sharon Swift

TEL: 605-319-1791


Martha Blue Thunder

TEL: 605-319-1658

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