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Ambulance Service

Open Until Filled

- (3) Full-Time Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) (Starting Salary: $15.00 hr/DOE)

- (3) Full-Time Advance Emergency Medical Technician (Starting Salary: $18.00 hr/DOE)

- (3) Full-Time Emergency Medical Technician-Intermediate (Starting Salary: $18.00 hr/DOE)

- (1) Full-Time Driver (Starting Salary: $13.00hr/DOE)

- Temporary Dialysis Transport Driver (Starting Salary: $13.00hr/DOE)

Attorney General

Open Until Filled

- Assistant Prosecutor (Starting Salary: DOE)

- Juvenile Victim/Witness Case Manager (Starting Salary: DOE)

- Assistant Attorney General (Starting Salary: DOE)

** Required: SF-85 Background Check Form**

Adult Correction Services

Open Until Filled

- Program Specialist Assistant  (Starting Salary: DOE/DOQ)

- Corporal (Starting Salary: $21.00-$23.00hr)

- Maintenance Mechanic (Starting Salary: $16.00hr)

- Cook (Starting Salary: DOE)

- (2) Correctional Officers (Starting Salary: $18.00-$20.00hr)

**Required: SF-85 background check form/Certificate of Medical Examination/Driver’s License**

**All Application Provide Proof of COVID-19 Vaccination**

Alcohol Treatment Center

Open Until Filled

- Chemical Dependency Counselor (Starting Salary:$15.54hr)

** Required: SF-85 Background Check Form**

ARPA Construction

Open Until Filled

- Field Superintendent (Starting Salary: DOE)

Child Care/Daycare

Open Until Filled

- Team Leader (Starting Salary: DOE)


Closing Date: 6/2/2023

- Language & Culture Advisor (Starting Salary: $41,000 Annual)

Commodity Food

Open Until Filled

- Certification Technician (Starting Salary: $13.00hr)

Community Services

Open Until Filled

- Warehouse Worker (Starting Salary: $14.00hr)


Open Until Filled

- (2) Early Intervention Specialist (Starting Salary: $15.00/hr)

- Education Research Analyst Consultant (Starting Salary: $30,000 Annual)

Environmental Protection Office

Open Until Filled

- Underground Storage Tank/Leaking Underground

Storage Tank, Coordinator (Starting Salary: $12.00hr)

Elderly Nutrition

Closing Date: 6/02/23

- Secretary (Starting Salary: $17.50hr)

Closing Date: 5/25/23

Summer Food Program

- Monitor (Starting Salary:$15.00hr)

- Cook - Antelope (Starting Salary:$11.00hr)

- Helper - Antelope (Starting Salary:$9.50hr)

- Cook - HeDog (Starting Salary:$11.00hr)

- Cook - Norris (Starting Salary:$11.00hr)

- Cook - Okreek (Starting Salary:$11.00hr)

- Cook - Parmelee (Starting Salary:$11.00hr)

- Helper - Parmelee (Starting Salary:$9.50hr)

- Cook - Rosebud (Starting Salary:$11.00hr)

- Helper - Rosebud (Starting Salary:$9.50hr)

- Cook - Sicangu Village (Starting Salary:$11.00hr)

- Cook - Soldier Creek (Starting Salary:$11.00hr)

- Cook - Spring Creek (Starting Salary:$11.00hr)

- Cook - Swift Bear (Starting Salary:$11.00hr)

- Cook - Two Strike (Starting Salary:$11.00hr)

- Cook - Upper Cut Meat (Starting Salary:$11.00hr)

- Cook - Horse Creek (Starting Salary:$11.00hr)

- Cook - Winner (Starting Salary:$11.00hr)

Gaming Commission

Open Until Filled

- Executive Gaming Director (Starting Salary: DOE)

- Gaming Inspector (Starting Salary: DOE)

Information Technology

Open Until Filed

- Commercial Radio Manager (Starting Salary: DOE)

- Channel 93 and Local Media Technician (Starting Salary: $16.00hr)

- Office Clerk (Starting Salary: $13.00hr)

Health Administration

Open Until Filled

- STI Nurse Case Manager (Starting Salary: $30.30hr)

- HIV and Hepatitis C Prevention & Treatment Project Coordinator (Starting Salary: $34.30hr)


Open Until Filled

- (2) Cook (Starting Salary: DOE)

- (4) Youth Advocate (Starting Salary: $15.00hr)

** Required: SF-85 Background Check Form and pass a pre-employment drug test**

Wiconi Wakan Health And Healing

Open Until Filled

- Outreach Worker(Starting Salary:DOE)

- Mental Health Specialist(Woyukan Zani Woyupika)

Wiconi Wakan Suicide Grant (Starting Salary: DOE)

Law Enforcement

Open Until Filled

- (1) Police Officer (Starting Salary: DOE)

**Required: Law Enforcement background check form/Certificate of Medical Examination/Driver’s License**

Natural Resources/GF&P

Open Until Filled

- (1) Biologist (Starting Salary: $20.00hr)

Revenue Department

Open Until Filled

- Secretary/Clerk (Starting Salary: $15.00hr)

Rural Water System

Open Until Filled

- O&M Operator (Starting Salary: DOE)

- Water Conservation Tech (Starting Salary: $13.00hr)

- Water System Tech (Starting Salary: DOE)

**Required: Driver’s License**

Sewer Revenue

Open Until Filled

- Wastewater Operator (Starting Salary: DOE)

- (2) Plumber (Starting Salary: DOE)

Secretary Office

Closing Date: 6/2/2023

- Committee Secretary (Starting Salary: $21.00hr)


Open Until Filled

- Intake Specialist/Pierre (Starting Salary: DOE)

Tribal Courts

Open Until Filled

- Bailiff (Starting Salary: DOE)

** Required: SF-85 Background Check Form**

- Chief Judge (Negotiable)

** Required: RESUME/SF-85 Background Check Form **

Tokala Inajinyo Youth Program

Open Until Filled

- Outreach Specialist (Starting Salary: $15.00hr)

Transportation Program

Open Until Filled

- Seasonal Road and Bridge Construction Inspector and Tribal Transportation Planner

(Starting Salary: DOE)

Treasurer Office

Open Until Filled

- Fair Manager (Starting Salary: DOE)


RST Correction Services/JDC

Open Until Filled

- (3) Juvenile Detention Officer (Starting Salary: DOE)

**Required: SF-85 background check form/Certificate of Medical Examination/Driver’s License/Must Be 21**

Veterans Affairs

Open Until Filled

- Cemetery Security/Groundskeeper (Starting Salary: $15.00hr)


Open Until Filled

- Nutrition/Breastfeeding Coordinator (Salary: Negotiable)

**Must be a Registered Nurse or Certified Dietitian**


Open until Filled

- Receptionist/Records Keeper (Starting Salary: DOE)

White River Health Care Center

Open Until Filled

$1,000 sign on Bonus for CNA and $2,000 Bonus for LPN/RN

- Certified Nursing Aide (Starting Salary: $18.00hr)

- Registered Nurse (Starting Salary: $37.00hr)

- Licensed Practical Nurse (Starting Salary:$28.00hr)

- Director of Nursing needs to be Registered Nurse - $90,000 annual/Negotiable


Sicangu Lakota Oyate Head Start/Early Head Start Program

*Applicants must pass a Child Abuse/Neglect Screening to be eligible for employment. A federal background check is conducted upon initial hire.

$1000.00 Sign-on Bonus after completion of Probation Period. (As Budget Allows)


Administration Office

Open Until Filled

Nurse Assistant (EHS)


- Minimum of valid CNA certification

- Experience or training in infant/toddler development

- A minimum of at least (1) year of experience in a health-related field.

Behavior Intervention Specialist  - 2 Vacancies


- Associate of Arts degree in Early Childhood Education or Human Services; or

Two (2) years of experience working directly with children ages birth to five.


Lakota Language Coach


- Minimum of Associate of Arts degree in ECE, Lakota Studies or equivalent

- Fluent Lakota Speaker


Head Start Program (Serving 3 Years to 5 years)

For 2022-2023 School Year: Center Staff Vacancies-10 month (End of August to End of June)

Minimum requirements: Diploma OR GED, and a valid Driver’s license, 18 years of age


Starting Wages:

Teacher with BS degree in ECE:  $21.00 per hour;

Teacher with AA in ECE:  $18.00 per hour;

Teacher with CDA: $16.50 per hour

TA, BD/TA, Cook: $16.00 per hour


Teacher Aide (Mission) – 3 Vacancies OPEN UNTIL FILLED



Teacher Aide (Norris) OPEN UNTIL FILLED


Teacher Aide (Parmelee) OPEN UNTIL FILLED

Bus Driver/Teacher Aide (Parmelee) OPEN UNTIL FILLED

Teacher Aide (Rosebud)  - 2 Vacancies OPEN UNTIL FILLED

Bus Driver/Teacher Aide (Rosebud) OPEN UNTIL FILLED

Bus Driver/Teacher Aide (St. Francis) OPEN UNTIL FILLED


Classroom Rover (Mission) OPEN UNTIL FILLED

Classroom Rover (Rosebud) OPEN UNTIL FILLED


Cook Rover (All Classrooms) OPEN UNTIL FILLED


NOTE: Teacher, Teacher Aide, Bus Driver/TA applicants are required to obtain a CDL license once employed. This is per DOT regulations. The program will provide paid, on-the-job CDL training for employees. Testing costs are also paid or reimbursed.


******Always accepting applications for all positions in case vacancies arise*******


Early Head Start Program (Serving 6 Week Old’s to 3 Years & Pregnant Women)

For 2022-2023 School Year:  Center Staff Vacancies- 11.5 MONTH POSITIONS (End of Aug to Mid – Aug with two (2) weeks of summer break)

Minimum requirements: Diploma OR GED, and a valid Driver’s license, 18 years of age


Starting Wages:

Teacher with BS degree in ECE:  $21.00 per hour;

Teacher with AA in ECE:  $18.00 per hour

Teacher with CDA: $16.50 per hour  

Teacher with HS Diploma/GED: $16.00 per hour

Cook: $16.00 per hour



Teacher - Mission - Infant Room

Teacher - Parmelee - Infant Room

Teacher - Rosebud - Infant Room
Teacher - St. Francis - Infant Room

Classroom Rover - Rosebud/St. Francis

****Always accepting applications for all positions in case vacancies arise******

Applicants: Please specify Early Head Start (EHS) or Head Start (HS) on application—Circle one or both and specify vacancy.

Example: “EHS Mission Teacher or HS Teacher Aide @ Antelope Center.”  


Any questions regarding any position please contact

Kira Marshall at the HS/EHS Administration Office at 747-2391 ext. 204 or by email





- Must be 18 years of age or older unless otherwise specified;

- Sicangu Lakota Oyate HS/EHS application (not Rosebud Sioux Tribe application);

- SF – 85P Questionnaire for Public Trust Positions and all attachments;

- Diploma OR GED, and a valid Driver’s license. Attach copies of each for application to be considered.

- Please provide a second form of ID besides driver’s license (ex. SS Card, tribal id or state id card)

- Applicants must be free of any past or current felony charges within seven (7) years;

- Applicants must be free of any Child Abuse and/or Neglect charges (a screening will be completed);

 - If hired, physical and TB Skin test must be completed before employment can begin. Forms are included in the employment packet. 



BENEFITS of PERMANENT EMPLOYMENT:  Life, Dental and Vision Insurance, 401K Plan, Paid Holidays, Paid Christmas Vacation (classroom staff), Sick Leave, Personal and Cultural/Spiritual Leave.


Receiving & Delivery

Rosebud Office Solutions

Posted: March 9th, 2023


TF-Loan Officer/Loan Fund Specialist

Sicangu Co-Tatanka Funds

Posted: February 7, 2023


VR Administrative Assistant/Intake Specialist

Sicangu Co-Sicangu Vocational Rehabilitation Program

Posted: January 10, 2023


Vocational Rehabilitation Case Manager 2

Sicangu Co-Sicangu Vocational Rehabilitation Program

Posted: January 10, 2023


Area Superintendent

REDCO - Rosebud Construction, Inc.

Posted: May 28, 2019


Construction Project Manager

Sicangu Co - Rosebud Construction, Inc.

Posted: November 21, 2022

Rosebud Casino/ Plaza 83/ Quality Inn/ Prairie Hills

Applicants can apply online or by attending the weekly job fair.
• To apply online, visit our website at under the “Employment” link. There will be instructions to create a log-in.
*With the exceptions of Holidays

*Applicants will have to come in the following Monday to apply.
✓ Applicants must be able to present two original forms of identification: one being a valid photo ID (such as a Driver’s License, State ID or Tribal ID with an expiration date) and the other being a Social Security Card or a Certified Birth Certificate.
✓ A copy of a High School diploma or GED is required for employment.
✓ Applicants must be able to pass a pre-employment drug test and a background check for a gaming license.

NOTE: A gaming license is not required for employment at the Quality Inn or Plaza 83.
Positions are open until filled. All applications are kept on file for 90 days after applying.
For more information, please contact the Human Resources Department at 605-653-3444.

Current Employment Opportunities:

Base Rate Starting at $14.00/ Hr

**Now offering a $1,000.00 Sign On Bonus**

(1) Casino Housekeeping: Housekeeper- (1) Grave 12am-8am
(2) Security: Guards- (1) Day- 8am-4pm (1) Grave 12am-8am
(3) Fuel Plaza: Cashiers-(3) Swing-4pm-12am
(4) Cage: Cashier- (1) Day-8am-4pm (3) Swing-4pm-12am
(1) Maintenance: Maintenance Worker-(1) Swing-4pm-12am
(2) Bingo: (1) Bingo Caller - (2) Bingo Attendants-(1) Bingo Cashier– (hours vary)
(3) Prairie Hills: Security Guards, Cage Cashiers
(1) Players Club: Players Club Representative- (1) Swing

❖ Entertainment and Advertising Coordinator (Part-time, 3 days a week)
❖ IT Tech
❖ Benefits Coordinator (Part-time, 3 days a week)
❖ Floor Manager Supervisor
❖ Surveillance Manager
❖ Slot Manager
❖ Table Games Manager
❖ Support Personnel (1) Day 8am-4pm

Submit Resume with cover letter to:
Rosebud Casino
Attn: Human Resources
30421 US Hwy 83
Valentine, NE 69201
HR Fax: 833-679-0740

Submit Resume with cover letter to:
Rosebud Casino
Attn: Human Resources
30421 US Hwy 83
Valentine, NE 69201
HR Fax: 833-679-0740


TCSD Open Positions - 6/3/22:

Spring Creek
Paraprofessional                      3
Bus Shop
Bus Driver/ Maint.                   2
Bus Driver                                 1
Custodian                                  2
Paraprofessional                      5
Food Service Asst.                   1
Resource Center
Preschool                                  1
Paraprofessional                      4
Paraprofessional                      1
Rosebud Elem
Paraprofessional                      2
Custodian                                  2
Suburban Driver                       1
Paraprofessional                       1
Food Service Asst.                    1
Paraprofessional                      1
Security Guard                         2
Food Service                             2
Custodian                                  1
Secretary                                   1
Custodian                                  1
Food Service Asst                     1
Paraprofessional                       1
Custodian                                  1
Teacher Base Pay    $50,000/yr.
Support Staff           $14.50/hr.
Paraprofessionals   $16.50/hr.
Bus Drivers              $18.50/hr.
For more information or application form, please contact Human Resource Director
Richard Medema, 605-856-3501,
Applications are also available at
Computers are available at the District Office for submitting application.


Sinte Gleska University

​Job Vacancies 


  • Human Resource Director (Administration)

  • Range or Natural Resource Management/Agriculture Instructor (Arts & Science)

  • Director Indian Business Incubator Center (IBIC)

  • Manager Food Sovereignty Center (Tribal Nation Building)

  • Program Assistant Food Sovereignty (Tribal Nation Building)

  • Green House Technician (Tribal Nation Building)

  • Lakota Studies Faculty (Lakota Studies Department)

  • Child and Family Therapist (Tiwahe Glu Kini Pi- TGKP)

  • Wraparound Care Coordinator(Tiwahe Glu Kini Pi- TGKP)

  • Horse Handler(Tiwahe Glu Kini Pi- TGKP)

  • Van Driver(Student Services)

  • Custodian(Custodial Services)

Sinte Gleska University does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national
origin, Sex, religious preference, age, handicap, martial status, political preference, or member-Ship, or non-membership in an employee organization,except as allowed by indian preference Provision of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, as amended.
To apply submit a completed SGU job application with a copy of your HS Diploma or
equivalent, Resume’, Transcripts, verification of College Degree(s), Certificates, Driver’s license, Tribal ID or abstract. Submit completed application with attachments to the HR Department. For further information contact Brenda I. Farmer, Acting HR Director@SGU Administration Bldg. or call 605.856.8138,
Applications are available on the SGU website under job opportunities. A position
description is available upon request. OPEN UNTIL FILLED.
Incomplete applications will not be considered!

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