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Commodity Food Distribution Program- Shelter in Place - Notice

Due to the shelter in place order taking effect on Monday, January 10, 2022, the following procedures will apply to the RST Commodity Food Distribution Program:

  1. The warehouse will be closed to the public. All entry doors will be locked and monitored.

  2. Warehouse Issuance- All participants will be issued the same foods that they recieved in December, 2021. Please call ahead to let the staff know you are coming so your food can be boxed and ready when you arrive at the warehouse. Call in orders will not be allowed at this time.

  3. Tailgate Issuance - Fresh produce will not be issued at the tailgate sites. Participants will be issued the same foods received in December, 2021, and canned fruits and vegetables will be increased to replace the fresh produce.

  4. Home Deilveries - The staff will attempt to complete the home deliveries to teh elderly and disabled, but if there is a named authorized representative, family member or relative who is able to pick up thier food, please let us know.

Normal warehouse and tailgate operations will resume when the shelter in place order is lifted.

Our phone numbers are: (605) 856-4558 warehouse, 1-877-631-8022 toll free, (605) 856-4283 fax and (605) 828-1372 director cell.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Ruth Reifel, Director


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