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Covid-19 Vaccine Incentives

Covid-19 Vaccine Incentives Health

Administration Office is accepting Application for:

Individuals who have received their Covid vaccines, as well as the 1St,2nd, and Bivalent booster.

-You will need to attach copies of your Vaccine card and your Tribal 10or Tribal Abstract (Certificate of Indian Blood).

Fill out:

Covid 19 Vaccinations Form:

If you receivedA) First 2 doses of Moderna or Pfizer OR1stdose of J&J/Janssen.

B) First 3 doses of Pfizer OR2 doses of Moderna for Children ages 6 months - 4 yrs. old

Covid 19 Booster Form: If you received

A) 3rd dose of Moderna or Pfizer OR 2nd dose of J&J/Janssen Covid 19

2nd Booster Form: If you received

A) 4th dose of Moderna or Pfizer OR3rd dose of J&J/Janssen, Moderna or Pfizer, only after receiving previous doses of J&J/Janssen.

**You must be 50 years or older or immunocompromised. Immunocompromised individuals will need to provide a medical statement from a doctor, stating they are immunocompromised.

Bivalent Booster Form: If you received

A) Pfizer-Bivalent or Moderna-Bivalent booster, only after receiving your primary series of vaccinations.

Applications are processed within 5-10 weeks of receiving an individual's application.

Due to the number of applications, we are receiving, we needed to extend our time frame for processing. Checks will be mailed out to all ON & OFF reservations applicants.

Health Administration respectfully asks the public to be patient and refrain from calling the RST Finance Department. Vaccinations, 1st booster, 2nd booster, Bivalent booster forms are all available at Health Administration Office, online, or on our Facebook page:

RST Health Administration on FB

The Public can mail, fax, or drop off applications to the Health Administration office in Rosebud, SD.

**Any individuals who haven't received their check within that time frame, can call Health Administration with their concerns. Dateline for ALL incentive applications will be March 31st,2023 - No exceptions We appreciate everyone's patience during this process.

Covid-19 Vaccine Incentives
Download PDF • 1.17MB

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