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For public information and those affected by the government shut

down please be advised of WIC’s a fundamental eligibility requirement

which includes the following:

Pregnant, postpartum or breastfeeding women, infants or child under

the age of 5 that are receiving ADC, SNAP (food stamps), Medicaid or

commodities are automatically eligible for WIC.

Certification documentation consists of one (1):

Proof of Residency which includes a utility/phone bill, rent/mortgage

receipt, school/voters registration PO Box receipt or community

chairperson verification

Proof of Income which consists of two (2) check stubs on all household

income and if no income a written statement from whomever assists

with money for the month if not on (Foodstamps, Medicaid, TANF,

Commodities, etc). Note: If you have a “Notice of Action” form from the

Dept of Social Services, it has both residency and eligibility (case #) on it.

Proof of Eligibility requires a case number for Food Stamps, TANF,

Medicaid or Commodities

Proof of Identification for a newborn consists of a crib card, for children

a birth certificate, immunization record, baptismal record or social

security card and for women proof of identification includes a drivers

license, tribal ID, school ID, work ID or voters registration. Prenatal

documentation consists of a doctor’s statement with EDC.

The WIC Program is open and available to provide assistance. For more

information please contact the WIC Office at 747-2617.


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