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Sicangu Nations Employment Training Program - Senior Program

Sicangu Nations Employment Training Program - Senior Program

What is the senior program? The senior program is a program developed by the Sicangu Employment and Training Program or also called SNETP. We work with High School Seniors to help them reach their goals and get hands-on work experience while completing the courses required to graduate.

Seniors must meet the requirements of? >Good grades >Good attendance MUST be a senior >Verification from a school counselor

How will you know if a senior is accepted? Employment Specialists will review their application along with required documents to ensure eligibility and completeness.

The Employment Specialist will contact counselors throughout the time the senior is working to make sure the student is in compliance with the rules in which to continue to participate. School comes first.

Hours? >Full time student: 2 hours a day >Part time student: 4 hours a day

The SNETP can assist the Senior with Supportive Services including: Transportation, fuel vouchers, small car repair, application fees for college applications, driver’s license, CDL’s, etc.

Our goal is to help Seniors reach their full potential within the classroom but also outside of the classroom too. The work experience can help them prepare for their career goals and choices they choose as they step into the world on their own after graduation. Getting hands on experience, working on their communication skills, learning how to budget, learning time management and more. A few examples for seniors, they can work to get their senior pictures, clothes, or help prepare for college.

Application is available at the Sicangu Employment Office located in Rosebud

131 N. 9, BIA Hwy 1, Rosebud, SD 57570 Our office number is (605)747-2393


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