Rosebud Sioux Tribe COVID-19 Task Force does and what resources are being provided to tribal members.



This public announcement is to inform the public of what the Rosebud Sioux Tribe COVID-19 Task Force does and what resources are being provided to tribal members. During the COVID 19 global pandemic our purpose is to try and combat the positive cases that are here amongst our people. The Task Force’s Moll is “Be part of the solution and not part of the problem”.

We are the COVID 19 Task Force, we not the COVlD 19 Cares Act Office our purpose is different. The Task Force deals solely with positive and quarantine cases.


The Health Administration office and the Task Force Point of Contact is (Skyla Fast Horse) who receives the results of positive cases. The Point of Contact will notify immediately the Risk Management Team of any positive case or cases.


The case tracking process begins once we receive new positive results from Indian Health Service or the SO State Health Department. Once we catch up to the positive individual, an interview process is started. If you are positive the Risk Management Team will work with the SD Health Department and IHS Public Health Nursing Department on how long you will be in isolation.


If a patient who is positive and identifies you as a close contact, you will be contacted and requested to quarantine for 14 full days by the Risk Management Team.


A referral sheet of close contacts will be done and given to the Task Force Point of Contact and on to the CHR COVID 19 Team as well. The CHR Program has 24 hours to do any monitoring depending on the positive case load. The Task Force will provide you cleaning supplies and food for those that are either positive or put into quarantine. We are here and trying to mitigate the spread of the COVlD 19. Please keep in mind if you are not tested through Indian Health Service and tested outside the Rosebud Reservation boundaries or a non-IHS facility we need verification that you are actually a positive before we can provide any services to you.


The Task Force kindly requests your support and comfort of loved ones, relatives, and friends that may be delaying with COVID -19, whether they are positive or in quarantine. This virus is affecting everyone and our numbers are increasing daily. We ask that you be patient with the Task Force, Risk Management Team and the CHR COVID-19 team as we are doing our best to provide the necessary services to those that are affected by this virus. The Wiconi Wakan Suicide Prevention Program is also available 24/7 for those in need of counseling during the COVID 19 Pandemic. You may contact the office at 605-747-5100.


We have our 24/7 call COVID 19 call center available which is located in Rosebud, SD. You may reach out to our call center at 747-5100. The Task Force is providing a COVID 19 Symptoms Monitoring Checklist to use to your advantage. If you have any questions or concerns you may have for the Task Force or you may call Skyla Fast Horse, Task Force Point of Contact after hours at 605-319-0333.


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