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      About The Event Start selling tickets on January 3, 2019 and drawing on February 12, 2019 at 3:00 PM. 1st Package includes: One night stay at the Rosebud Casino, Bouquet of Flowers, and Screw Driver Tool Set. 2nd Package includes: Steak Dinner for Two, Dozen of Roses, and Screw Driver Tool Set. One Ticket for $5.00 or Five Tickets for $20.00 come support Rosebud Fair Tickets sold in the RST Finance or Call 605-319-1854

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    • Rosebud Sioux Tribe | Job Listings

      UPDATED: September 18, 2020 Ambulance Service Open Until Filled (4) Full-Time Emergency Medical Technician(EMT) ​ (Starting Salary:$10.00 hr/DOE) (2) Permanent Advance Emergency Medical Technician (Starting Salary: $13.00 hr/DOE) (2) Permanent Emergency Medical Technician-Intermediate (Starting Salary: $13.00 hr./DOE) (1) Permanent Full-time Paramedic(EMT-Paramedic) (Starting Salary: $16.00 Hr./DOE) (1) Permanent Part-Time Mini-Bus Long Distance Driver (Starting Salary: $9.50Hr/DOE.) (2) Permanent Full-Time Mini-Bus Long Distance Driver (Starting Salary: $9.50Hr/DOE.) Attorney General Open Until Filled Prosecutor Secretary (Starting Salary:$13.42hr) Assistant Attorney General (Starting Salary: D.O.E.) Special Assistant United States Attorney (Starting Salary: D.O.E) ** Required: SF-85 Background Check Form/LAW DEGREE/State Licensure** Alcohol/Meth Rehab Treatment Open Until Filled Relief Worker (Starting Salary: $11.11 Hr) Clinical Supervisor (Starting Salary: DOE) Treatment Technician (Starting Salary: $12.32 Hr.) Chemical Dependency Counselor (Starting Salary: $16.00 to $20.00 Hr./DOE) Peer Recovery Specialist-SORT ($31,200 annual/SORT Grant End 9/30/2023) Program Coordinator-SORT ($41,000 annual/SORT/Grant Ending 9-30-2020) ** Required: SF-85 Background Check Form** Adult Correction Services Open Until Filled (2) Correctional Officers (Starting Salary: $16.00/$18.00 Hr) **Required: SF-85 background check form/Certificate of Medical Examination/Driver’s License** (3) Temporary Janitor (Temporary through 12-30-2020. starting salary: $18.00hr) **Required SF-85 Background Check Form/ Driver's License** (10) Temporary Correctional Officer (Temporary through 12-30-2020. starting salary: $20.00hr) ** Required: SF-85 Background Check Form/Certificate of Medical Examination/Driver’s License** Child Care/DayCare Open Until Filled Sub-Educator (Starting Salary:$10.00hr) Lakota Educator (Starting Salary:$14.00 hr) CHR Open Until Filled (1) Part-Time Generalist/Winner (1) Part-Time Generalist/Milks Camp (1) Temporary Full-Time Generalist Driver (2) Full-Time Generalist (2) Full-Time Permanent Generalist (Starting Salary:$10.75 hr) ​ I.T. Department ​ PC Maintenance Technician (Closing Date (09-28-2020, Starting Salary: $12.00/hr) DJ Local Media Correspondent/KOYA 88.1FM (Closing Date (09-23-2020,Starting Salary:DOE) ​ Natural Resources/GF&P Open Until Filled (1) Ranger (Starting Salary: $17.00 to $20.50 hr) ​ Rural Water System Open Until Filled (3) Operation and Maintenance Man (Starting Salary:DOE) Water Systems Technician (Starting Salary:DOE) **Required: Driver’s License** ​ Sicangu Resource Open Until Filled Grant Writer (Starting Salary:DOE) ​ ​ Solid Waste Closing Date:9-23-2020 (1) Lead Diesel Mechanic (Starting Salary:DOE) ​ Law Enforcement Open Until Filled (1) Permanent Dispatcher (Starting Salary:DOE) (15) Police Officers/Temporary (Starting Salary:DOE) **Required: SF-85 background check form/Officer Certification/Medical Examination/Driver’s License** (5) Temporary-Dispatcher (Starting Salary:DOE) **Required: SF-85 background check form/Certificate of Medical Examination/Driver’s License** RST Correction Services/JDC Open Until Filled (3) Juvenile Detention Officer (Starting Salary: DOE) **Required: SF-85 background check form/Certificate of Media Examination/Driver’s License** WIC Open Until Filled Nutrition/Breastfeeding Coordinator **Must be a Registered Nurse or Certified Dietitian** (Salary: Negotiable) White River Health Care Center Open Until Filled Certified Nursing Assistant (Starting Salary: D.O.E.) Registered Nurse (Starting Salary: D.O.E.) Licensed Practical Nurse (Starting Salary:D.O.E.)​ ​ Sicangu Lakota Oyate Head Start/Early Head Start Program (Infant/Toddler & Pre-School) *Formerly known as Head Start/Early Head Start* Application must pass a Child Abuse/Neglect Screening to be eligible for an employment. A federal background check is conducted upon initial hire. Administration Office _______________________________________________________________ NONE AT THIS TIME Head Start Program (Serving 3 Years to 5 Years) For 2020-2021 School Year: Center Staff Vacancies- 10 month (August to End of June) Starting Wages (must have a driver’s license, GED or Diploma) and be 18 years of age or older Teacher with BS Degree (ECE) $20.00HR Teach with AA in ECE: $17.00 per hour TA, BD/TA, Cook: $13.00 per hour __________________________________________________________________ Open Until Filled 2-Teach Aide(Mission Center) 1-Teacher(Mission Center) 1 Bus Driver/Teacher Aide (Mission Center) 1-Cook-(White River Center) 1-Teacher (Norris Center) (And obtain a CDL once employed. These requirements are per D.O.T. regulations.) ***Always Accepting Applications in case vacancies arise** Early Head Start Program (6 Weeks Olds/Pregnant Women to 3 years) For 2020-2021 School Year: Center Staff Vacancies- 11.5 month Positions: Starting Wage with HS Diploma/GED (must have driver’s license)-$14.00 Hr With CDA$15.00Hr, Cook-$13.00hr ________________________________ ***Always Accepting Applications in case vacancies arise** Early Head Start Program (Serving 6 Week Olds to 3 Years & Pregnant Women) For 2020-2021 School Year: Center Staff Vacancies- 11.5 MONTH POSITIONS (End of Aug to Mid – Aug with two (2) weeks of summer vacation) Starting Wages (must have driver’s license, GED or Diploma) and be 18 years of age or older: CDA: $15.00 per hour HS Diploma/GED: $14.00 per hour Cook: $13.00 per hour _____________________________________________________________________ None at this time ​ **Always accepting application for all position in case vacancies arise** _____________________________________________________________________ Applicants: Please specify Early Head Start (EHS) or Head Start (HS) on application—Circle one or both and specify vacancy. Example: “ EHS Mission Teacher or ” HS Teacher Aide @ Antelope Center. ​ Any questions regarding any position please contact Kira Marshall at the HS/EHS Administration Office at 747-2391 ext. 204 or email * *THE FOLLOWING STEPS ARE REQUIRED TO BE FOLLOWED IN ORDER TO BE ELIGIBLE FOR INTERVIEWS AND HIRE, NO EXCEPTIONS* Must be 18 years of age or older; HS/EHS application (not Rosebud Sioux Tribe application); SF – 85P Questionnaire for Public Trust Positions and all attachments; Diploma OR GED, and a valid Driver’s license. Attach copies of each for application to be considered. Please provide a second form of ID besides driver’s license (ex. SS Card, tribal id or state id card) Applicants must be free of any past or current felony charges within seven (7) years; Applicants must be free of any Child Abuse and/or Neglect charges (a screening will be completed); Applicants for classroom positions (except cooks) must be able to pass a CDL physical per D.O.T. regulations. ALL FORMS NEED TO BE COMPLETED and ATTACHED AS NEEDED. Life, Dental and Vision Insurance, 401K BENEFITS of PERMANENT EMPLOYMENT: Plan, Paid Holidays, Paid Christmas Vacation (classroom staff), Sick Leave, Personal and Cultural/Spiritual Leave. ROSEBUD SIOUX TRIBE EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES EMPLOYMENT FILES To Help you get started: Click to open, then Click File & Export or Print Personnel Policy & Procedures Manual Employment Application RST Head Start & Early Head Start Application White River Health Care Center Application Questionnaire for National Security Positions Certificate of Medical Examination Questionnaire for Public Trust Position LES Questionnaire RST Constitution Educational Leave Attendance Form

    • Rosebud Sioux Tribe

      LATEST NEWS: CORONAVIRUS UPDATES AND INFO The Rosebud Sioux Tribe is taking steps to combat the spread of COVID-19. For the latest information and updates, click the button below. If you have any additional questions or would like to donate, please email us at or click here to navigate to our official donation page. URGENT CLOSURE OF RST OFFICES EXTENDED TO SEPT 30TH. FACE MASKS ARE REQUIRED. COVID-19 MAP VIEWABLE HERE. HOVER OVER TO SCROLL POSTS Public Notice -FY 20 Community Service Block Grant – Cares Act Funding Pleasant Title EMPLOYMENT APPLY HERE RESOURCE DIRECTORY For our more information about our , visit our local Programs & Services Tribal Resource Directory. SICANGU EYAPAHA (TRIBAL NEWSPAPER) The newspaper is available online. View today to read the latest news from the Rosebud Sioux Tribe. Sicangu Eyapaha RST ELECTIONS 2020 Visit the Official Rosebud Sioux Tribe Election Website: COVID-19 DISASTER RELIEF FUND Any donation made will assist our community members and help in prevention of a high-risk scenario. EMPLOYEE LINKS RST IT HELP DESK REMOTE TECH SUPPORT INTACCT FINANCE SUITE LOGIN BIA INDIAN AFFAIRS WORKFORCE GO LOGIN MARTUS TOOLS BUDGET LOGIN

    • Rosebud Sioux Tribe | Tribal Government

      The Government of the Rosebud Sioux Tribe is comprised of one legislative body, the Rosebud Sioux Tribal Council, currently made up of 24 elected positions, four officers (President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer) and 20 council representatives. The four officers are elected at-large by enrolled Tribal Members living on the reservation in staggered terms; President and Vice-President elected for a term of three years; Secretary and Treasurer elected for a term of two years. COUNCIL CALENDAR: DOWNLOAD President's Office Rodney M. Bordeaux Email: Ext. 203 Office: 605.747.2381 - Chief Operating Officer: Ext. 231 John Spotted Tail - Chief of Staff: Ext. 276 Luti Davis - Executive Admin Assistant: Ext. 225 Nicole Marshall - Admin Assistant: Ext. 279 Linda Marshall - Admin Assistant: Ext. 256 Lenora Fast Dog Vice-President's Office Scott Herman Email: Ext. 210 Office: 605.747.2381 Fax: 605.747.5536 ​ Delores Barron - Office Manager: Ext. 208 Racine Whirlwind Soldier - Comm. Support Spec: Ext. 226 Treasurer's Office Stephan DeNoyer III Email: Ext. 262 Office: 605.747.2381 - Treasurer Analyst: Ext. 361 Marci Red Fish - Sr. Accountant: Ext. 263 Brenda Antoine - T.E.L.P Admin: Ext. 320 Danielle Burnette ​ Secretary's Office Wayne Boyd Email: Ext. 215 Office: 605.747.2381 Julie Peneaux - Executive Secretary: Ext. 233 Bernadette Howard - Committee Secretary: Ext. 328 Kim Beck - Committee Secretary: Ext. 252 Trisha Witt - Committee Secretary: Ext. 235 For the Rosebud Sioux Tribe Council Members, one Council Representative is elected, at-large, for a term of up to three years to represent one of the 20 communities of the Rosebud Sioux Tribe. The communities that are recognized in the Tribal Constitution are: Antelope Black Pipe Bull Creek Butte Creek Corn Creek Grass Mountain He Dog Ideal Milk's Camp Okreek Parmelee Ring Thunder Rosebud St. Francis Soldier Creek Spring Creek Swift Bear Two Strike Upper Cut Meat ​ The RST Council is empowered by the Constitution to, among other powers: Negotiate with Federal, state and local authorities on matters concerning the Tribe. Acquire land and property for use by the Tribe. Advise the United States Secretary of the Interior on Congressional matters and budgets affecting the Tribe. Levy taxes and conduct trade. Pass and enforce laws for public safety. Foster cultural celebration and preservation of the Sicangu Lakota Oyate. Tribal Council Representatives Antelope Black Pipe Bull creek Butte Creek Totes Waln P.O Box 587 Mission, SD : Cell 605.319.1063 : Email ​ Russell Eagle Bear P.O Box 22 - Norris, SD Cell: 605.441.9884 Email: ​ Lisa White Pipe 524 E 6th St - Gregory, SD Cell: 605.319.9293 Email: ​ C. Steve Brave P.O Box 425 - Wood, SD Cell: 605.319.6352 Email: ​ Corn creek Grass Mountain He Dog Horse Creek Arlene Black Bear P.O Box 83 - Norris, SD Cell: 605.319.1587 Email: ​ Venessa Red Hawk-Thompson ​ ​ Clifford Lafferty P.O Box 25 Parmelee, SD Cell: 605.319.1632 Email: ​ Robert Rattling Leaf White River, SD Cell: 605.828.6577 Email: ​ Milk's Camp William Marshall Okreek Parmelee Ring Thunder Wayne Frederick Eileen Shot P.O Box 303 Parmelee, SD Cell: 605.828.1337 Email: ​ Martha Blue Thunder P.O Box 864 Mission, SD Cell: 605.319.1658 Email: ​ Rosebud St. Francis Soldier Creek Spring Creek Shadow Wright P.O Box 2506 Rosebud, SD Cell: 605.319.1787 Email: ​ Sharon L. Swift PO Box 363 St. Francis, SD Cell: 605.319.1063 Email: ​ Coming Soon Pam Kills In Water Swift Bear James Leader Charge White River, SD Cell: 605.319.1359 Email: ​ Two Strike Uppercut Meat Ideal Donna Hollow Horn Bear Dwight Spotted Tail P.O Box 587 Mission, SD Cell: 605.319.0965 Email: ​ Tannille Black Feather ORGANIZATIONAL CHART Dated: 13-14 If you're on the mobile version, click here for the downloadable PDF Version.

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