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RST Caregivers Program

P.O. Box 430
Red Log Building Legion Ave.
Rosebud, SD 57570


CareGiver Form PDF

 Donations for used equipment is greatly appreciated.

The Elderly/Caregiver Support Program Assists Elders caring for grandchildren or CareGiver's caring for our elders.

The program offers support with Medical Equipment that is not covered by Medicare-Example: shower Chairs, Grab Bars, Handheld shower heads, Toilet Seat Risers, Canes, etc.

Incontinent Supplies (Depends, Poise, Wipes)

Healthy living supplies donated from National Relief Charities are issued until all gone. (Limited supply)

Issues such as Elder Abuse or Neglect are referred to Adult Service and Aging with the Department of Social Services.

Handicapped Ramp work requests are referred to Native Advocacy Program.

Oxygen use, Hospital Beds, Etc...are referred to Sandhill's Medical Supply. (Valentine, NE)

Roach and Bedbug problems are referred to Cole Pest and this is paid for by the program under support services.

Ensure and Gatorade will be provided upon request.

Medical Travel and Glasses Payment are made ONLY if funds are available.

Funding is limited and services are provided on a first come, first serve basis.

Advocate assists with one to one personal issues as needed.