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Please Contact Personnel office 605-747-2381 for more information about Job Announcements.


Information Technology

Closes: 9-1-14

PC Technician



Elderly Nutrition

Closes: 8-11-14

Cook (Winner)


Until Filled 

Registered Nurse




Until Filled 

Treatment Technician


Until Filled 

(8) Youth Care Workers

(1) Dietary Cook

(1) Youth counselor

Please be advised applicants interested in applying for positions in the ALCOHOL-PMO-METH REHAB Program will be required to complete a SF-85P Background check form.


Until Filled 

Teacher –Yellow Hawk Center (Mission)

Teacher Aide-Yellow Hawk (Mission)

Teacher Aide-Neola Spotted Tail (Mission)

Teacher Aide-Stephan Fallis Center (Mission)

Teacher Aide- Wakanyeja Center (Mission)

Bus Driver/Teacher Aide- Mercy Poorman (Mission)

Teacher Aide- Nellie Menard Center (Rosebud)

Teacher Aide-Owl Bonnet Center (St. Francis)

Bus Driver/Teacher Aide-Kate Omaha Boy (St. Francis)

RST Correction Services/ JDC

Closes: 08-7-14

(1) Juvenile Detention Officer


Until Filled 

(1) Adult Correction Officers

Program requires a SF-85P background check form.


Until Filled 

(3) Patrol Officers
(2) Criminal Investigators
Chief of Police

Please be advised that the Police Officer positions will require a SF-86 Background check form and SF-78 Physical form. The dispatcher position will need SF-85 form.


Parents we have the following openings!! Come in and get an application or call the office at 747-2391 and an advocate can bring one to you!
Mission Centers
Advocate – Brenda Peneaux Ext. 220
Wakanyeja (Teacher Mona Good Buffalo) 0 Openings
Mercy Poorman (Teacher Cynthia Marshall) 2 Openings
Neola Spotted Tail (Teacher OPEN) 0 Openings
Yellow Hawk (Teacher OPEN) 2 Openings
Advocate – Feri Veloz Ext. 212
Antelope (Teacher Cheryl LaPointe) 0 Openings
Stephan Fallis (Teacher Laura Niess) 0 Openings
White River
Arrow (Natasa Bear Hills) 5 Openings
Rosebud Centers
Advocate Melissa Whipple Ext. 206
Tasunke Witko (Teacher Chauncina Poor Bear) 6 Openings
Nellie Menard (Teacher Suzanne Artichoker) 11 Openings
Wilma Whipple (Teacher Michelle Moran) 8 Openings
Parmelee Centers
Advocate- Chey Marshall Ext. 201
Woksape (Teacher Audie Black Bull) 2Openings
Billy Mills (Teacher Gerald Black Bear Jr.) 9 Openings
Long Warrior Dunham (Teacher Georgiann Black Bear) 4 Openings
Saint Francis
Advocate – Victoria Burnett Ext. 209
Owl Bonnet (Teacher Ken Stand Fast) 6 Openings
Kate Omaha Boy (Teacher Lola Quigley) 5 Openings
Lame Deer (Teacher Irene Eastman) 7 Openings