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Ambulance Program

(1) Part-time paramedic OPEN UNTIL FILLED

- (1) Part-time Long Distance Driver OPEN UNTIL FILLED

- (10) Full-time (temporary) EMT/EMT-I/AEMT/Paramedic OPEN UNTIL FILLED

- (5) Part-time (temporary) EMT/EMT-I/AEMT/Paramedic OPEN UNTIL FILLED

Alcohol Program

- Treatment Technician 

- Counselor ($16.40 hr. D.O.E).

- Relief Worker (3/4)

Treaty Office

- Director (Starting Salary 16.55 Hr.)

Law Enforcement Services 

- (3) Police Officers (Starting Salary $18.00 hr. D.O.E.)

- Criminal Investigator (Starting Salary $57,500) OPEN UNTIL FILLED

- Property & Evidence (Starting Salary $52,000) OPEN UNTIL FILLED

- Meth Office Administrator (Starting Salary $29,120) OPEN UNTIL FILLED

* Required Investigation Questionnaire for Law Enforcement Position Certificate of Medical Examination Form SF 78

Tribal Courts

- Judicial Clerk ($38.00 hr.) OPEN UNTIL FILLED

(2) Courts Associate Judge (Salary $78,000) Open until filled

Information Technology

- Public Relations Officer ($14.00) Open until filled

Veterans Affairs

- Part Time Security (Salary 11.00) Closes 2-2-16

Commodity Foods

- Nutrition Education Technician/Computer Operator Until Filled

Child Care

- Administrative Educator (Starting Salary  $15.00)

- Cook ($9.00 Hr.)

- Lead Educator ($10.00 Hr.)

Juvenile Detention Center

- Lakota Cultural Teacher (20.00 Hr. D.O.E.)

- Lakota Arts and Crafts Teacher (10.20 Hr D.O.E.)

- Laborer (10.00 Hr. D.O.E.)

RST Adult Corrections

- (10) Correctional Officers OPEN UNTIL FILLED

- Facility Plant Manager OPEN UNTIL FILLED

* Required SF-85P Background Check Form Certificate of Medical Examination Form 178

Head Start Program

- Mechanic Assistant Closing Date 1/22/2016

- St. Francis Bus Driver/ Teacher Aide (Owl Bonnet Center) OPEN UNTIL FILLED

- St. Francis Bus Driver/ Teacher Aide (kate Omaha Boy Center) OPEN UNTIL FILLED

Early Head Start Program- (12 month positions)

- (6) Teacher Mission OPEN UNTIL FILLED

- (6) Teacher Rosebud OPEN UNTIL FILLED

- (6) Teacher St. Francis OPEN UNTIL FILLED

- (4) Teacher Parmelee OPEN UNTIL FILLED

*** Teacher positions DO NOT require CDL ***

- Cook- 1 Vacancy each in Mission, Rosebud, St. Francis, and Parmelee

* Early Head Start will start doing interviews in January 2016.  Please ensure you turn in your application by December 11, 2015 as applicants Child Abuse/Neglect Screening Must have NO findings prior to being interviewed.

* Applicants: Please specify EHS or HS on application- circle one or both and specify vacancy.  (Example EHS Mission Teacher or HS Teacher @ Antelope Center)

> Head Start Program application (Not (RST application)

> SF-85P Questionnaire for public trust positions and all attachments

>: Applicant MUST POSSESS a diploma or GED, have a valid driver’s license and attach copies of each to application or it will not be accepted.

> Must have second form ID besides driver’s license (ex. SS car, Tribal ID or State card)

> Applicant CANNOT have any past or current felony charges.

> Applicant CANNOT have any past or current Child Abuse or Neglect charges.

> Applicant MUST turn in COMPLETED TB skin test or updated chest x-ray.