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Please Contact Personnel office 605-747-2381 for more information about Job Announcements.


Ambulance Program

Until Filled

Dialysis Driver

Meth Treatment Program
Until Filled

Treatment Technician

The Alcohol and Meth program require a SF-85P Background check form.

Alcohol Treatment Program -(PMO)
Until Filled

Dietary Manager

Crow Creek Tribal Courts

Chief Judge Closes: 04-24-15

BIA Reality Office

Tribal Leasing Clerk

Game, Fish & Parks
Until Filled


Planning and Development
Until Filled

Legislative Page

Federal Highways
Until Filled

Road Construction Inspector

Maternal & Child Health Program
Until Filled

Case Manager

Office of Management & Development

Economic Development Specialist

W.I.C. Program
Until Filled

Registered Nurse

Law Enforcement
Until Filled

(15) Police Officer
(3) Dispatchers
(5) Part-time Dispatchers

Tribal Court

Public Defender/ Data Entry
Judicial Clerk Closes:05-04-15

 RST Adult Corrections

Until Filled

(1) Adult Correction Officer
Program Specialist (Closes 5-18-15)

Programs Adult Corrections & JDC require a SF-85P Background check form.

Head Start Administration
Until Filled

(2) Early Intervention Advocate/ Education Assistant (10 month position)

 Head Start Program application (NOT RST application)
 SF-85P questionnaire for public trust positions and all attachments
 Applicant MUST POSSES a diploma OR GED, have a valid driver’s license and attach copies of each to application or it will not be accepted.
 Must have second form of ID besides driver’s license (ex. SS card, tribal ID or state card.
 Applicant CANNOT have any past or current felony charges.
 Applicant CANNOT have any past or current Child abuse or Neglect charges.
 Applicant Must turn in COMPLETED TB Skin test or updated chest x-ray.

White River Health Care
Until Filled

Certified Nurse Assistants- All Shifts.
Registered Nurse
Licensed Practical Nurse

WRHCC (605) 259-3161